The Twirlers

About The Author
Michelle (a.k.a. Mitchie) is a highschool student living in the US. She has been drawing since middle school when it was "cool" among all her friends to draw anime style pictures. After awhile she started to develop her own style which she likes to think of as a mix between a cartoon style and an anime style. She is always attempting to improve her art skills, and hopes to someday have a career that will allow her to draw even more. The other thing that makes her who she is would be baton twirling. She has been a baton twirler since she got a note saying "take baton lessons!" in third grade. At first it was just fun... then it became a big hobby of Michelle's... then it became her obsession. She hopes to join a twirling team in college and maybe even get some sort of baton twirling scholarship to help her get into college. After college she hopes to still be involved in twirling somehow, though she is not quite sure what she will do then.

About The Comic
"The Twirlers" is a comic based off of me and one of my friends. It is about two high school baton twirlers. I first came up with the idea for "The Twirlers" at the beginning of football season when the other feature twirler at our school and I practiced twirling. The original idea was actually going to take place in the band hall, and have about ten or so main characters. However, at the time I still hadn't found a style of drawing that was right for me, and I could only think of a few comics for that idea, so it died away. However, one day during class I was bored and started doodling. I drew some pictures that were very close to the current design for Mitchie and Christine. Suddenly I really wanted to try and make a comic again. I wanted to do something similar to my band hall idea, but simpler and with far less characters. After figuring out how I wanted the comic to look and what it would be about, I began to plan out comics and eventually created "The Twirlers".